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Kate Blom Father Matthias Kizito Alain
van West
Richard Fisher Frank Huidobro Daren King Louisa Asgill

Therese Lord Ms J Kenna Debbie McCann St John 
Philip Gilbertson Adrian Benedict  Mrs K Newman

Under English law, governing bodies of Catholic schools have a corporate responsibility to ensure that their schools are managed in accordance with the Diocesan Trust Deed or the Trust Deed of the relevant religious institution, and the school’s Instrument of Government or Memorandum of Understanding, Articles of Association and Supplemental Agreements for academies, as well as complying with all other legal requirements.

The members of the governing body care very much for the well-being of the school and its pupils. The governing body has a general responsibility to ensure that the school is run effectively and provides the best education for its pupils. To carry out its duties effectively, the governing body works closely with the headteacher and senior staff. The governing body's main duties are to advise and challenge the headteacher in implementing school policies, surveying parents' views, setting budgets, responding to inspection, recruitment, staff discipline and appeals. The governing body monitors all of the above, along with the standards of education and achievement, in order to hold the school to account.

The governing body is made up of the following members :-

9 Foundation Governors appointed by the Archdiocese of Southwark

1 LA Governor

2 Parent Governors

1 Staff Governor

1 Head Teacher

Since the 1st September 2015, governing bodies have been under a duty to publish their register of interests on their website. This sets out the relevant business interests of governors, details of any other education establishments they govern, and any relationships between governors and members of school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.

Register of Interests:

Please click below to view the Register of Interests for 2020-2021.

Register of Interests 2021-2022

In addition to the full Governing Body meetings, the Governing Body delegates certain responsibilities and more in depth discussions to 3 committees:

Governing Body & Committees 2022-2023

Minutes of Full Governing Body meetings 2020-2021:

December 2020

March 2021

June 2021

Governor attendance at meetings 2020-2021

Minutes of Full Governing Body meetings 2021-2022:

September 2021

December 2021

March 2022

June 2022

Minutes from separate committee meetings are available by request to the school office.

Governor attendance at meetings 2021-2022