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OFSTED Inspection

OFSTED Letter 2023
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Catholic Schools Inspection 

The school was inspected by the Education Commission of behalf of the Archbishop at the of January 2017.

St John Fisher is a good Catholic school with many outstanding features. It is a warm, prayerful school. The excellent pastoral care for pupils is recognised by parents and pupils. A parent commented that the school is very nurturing and “the pastoral care is evident in the children’s attitudes towards each other.”

Governors are deeply committed to their Catholic mission to serve the staff, pupils and families. They know the strengths of the school. Their plans for further improvement reflect their understanding of what needs to be done to achieve further, sustained development. The Headteacher stated that she and the governing body, “are on a journey.” Governors meet regularly and have adopted a strategic approach to recruiting new governors with appropriate skills to improve the effectiveness of their leadership.

The effectiveness of the Headteacher is recognised by parents and pupils. 79% of parents returned surveys, the vast majority of which strongly agreed/agreed that the school is doing an excellent job for the children.

The school is a family school. There are long established and strong parish links. The Parish Priest and other clergy visit the school regularly. Some of the parents and teachers work as Catechists in the parish.

The school environment is enhanced by the religious displays that are prominent throughout the school and in the classrooms. They give the school a clear Catholic identity. Behaviour of the pupils is outstanding. They are overwhelmingly happy with the school and feel safe and cared for.

Section 48 - 2017