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Catholic Schools Inspection - Rated 'OUTSTANDING'.

The school was inspected by the Education Commission of behalf of the Archbishop at the of April 2024.

St John Fisher is an 'outstanding' Catholic school. It is a warm, prayerful school. The excellent pastoral care for pupils is recognised by parents and pupils. A parent commented ‘The Catholic life and mission of St John Fisher radiates as soon as you enter the school site.’

The high priority placed on the Catholic life and mission of the school by leaders including governors can be seen across all aspects of school life. The mission statement, displayed throughout the school, underpins all policies and procedures. Leaders ensure it is known, understood, and lived out by pupils and staff. Governors are experienced and knowledgeable. Through the Spirituality, Ethos and Wellbeing committee, and regular visits, they demonstrate a clear understanding of the school. The school self-evaluation document, with input from leaders, staff, and pupils, accurately reflects the quality and impact of Catholic life and mission. Leaders have a clear understanding of and commitment to the Bishop’s vision for the diocese and its schools.

The close relationships between school, home and parish are a strength of this school. Staff bear witness to the school’s Catholic life and mission and are excellent role models. They describe school as a special place to work, where everyone is part of the team, contributing willingly to the life and mission of the school. Staff, parents and pupils of other faiths describe being welcome members of the community. One pupil said ‘I love being in a Catholic school and learning about the Catholic faith. I was really happy to talk to the class about my faith and they were excited to learn about it.’

All members of this caring and happy community of faith embrace the mission statement ‘Together we grow in God’s love, learning to be the best we can be.’ Pupils are very respectful of themselves and others, evident in their exemplary behaviour. Proud of their school, they are ambassadors for Catholic education.

A pupil commented ‘God is sitting next to me, and I feel calm and relaxed.’ Pupils are confident to ask questions, and to speak out about what they have learned. Relative to their age and capacity, they reflect spiritually and discuss confidently using their knowledge, understanding and skills. As a result, they can relate their learning in religious education to their daily life.

Prayer and liturgy are well planned, thoughtfully delivered and given a high profile across the school - resulting in excellent behaviour, attitudes, and participation.


OFSTED Inspection - Rated 'GOOD'. 

OFSTED Letter 2023
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