Anti-Bullying Week

At St John Fisher we are fully committed to ensuring that all pupils feel safe and secure at school; that they all understand that bullying will not be accepted or tolerated in any way. We are members of the 'Anti-Bullying Alliance' and as a school, we are taking part in the 'United Against Bullying' (UAB) programme. We promote 'kind hands, gentle voices and love in our hearts'. 

Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for anti-bullying week this year is 'Make A Noise'. We have encouraged this and actively promoted it across the whole school. The Voices Of Tomorrow (VOTs) led a whole school collective worship to discuss the theme of 'Making A Noise' and how we could carry this out at St John Fisher Primary School. 

The VOTs have been a support for pupils this anti-bullying week during play times and lunch times. They have taken on the role of anti-bullying ambassadors, until our new ambassadors are fully trained. This involves being a support if they need help or if they just want someone to talk to. They will wear their reflective sashes so they can be identified by other pupils. 

We are very proud of the pupils here at St John Fisher. St Osmund's class also led a class collective worship on anti-bullying and they encouraged us all to 'make a noise' and help others. They talked about what bullying is...

They helped us think about ways we can stop it and how to help others.

Be inspired to 'Make A Noise' to others ...

Monday 13th November was Odd Socks Day! 

St John Fisher all took part in Odd Socks Day.
We have everything we need to celebrate what makes us all unique and spread kindness!