Lenten Appeal 2023

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At St John Fisher we strive to support our local community and parish and those less fortunate than ourselves. One way that we are doing this is our 'Big Lent Walk' appeal. For our Lenten Appeal in 2023, we wanted to raise money for CAFOD. We are supporting CAFOD and joining other schools around the country to help support our global neighbours. 

To raise money, we’re going to walk around our school footsteps 200 times in 40 days of Lent. You can also join in by walking 200km in 40 days! You can do this by sharing the distance with other family members or by taking on the 200km challenge by yourself.

How our fundraising will help

CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, working together with people living in poverty in some of the most hard-to-reach places in the world. 

Our fundraising will support people like Dristy. She lives in a small village in Bangladesh – one of the most at-risk countries from the effects of the climate crisis. Dristy says that cyclones and floods are becoming more frequent for the people there. 

Dristy’s mum, Rupali, works side by side with her, teaching her how to plant lots of different crops; how to build seed beds that won’t get flooded, what trees to plant to protect the village from cyclones; and how to use discarded household items to grow saplings. 

Our fundraising will give more families like Dristy and Rupali’s the tools and training they need to grow in strength and fight the effects of the climate crisis.   

We have chosen to support CAFOD as a way for our pupils to put their faith into action. By raising money together, we will be supporting our brothers and sisters around the world and living out our school mission.

You can support us to support CAFOD by donating to our fundraising page. We would also love to keep updated with your progress towards 200km and see pictures of you out walking so please post on Google Classroom or email to your child’s year group email. You can also log any activity on our fundraising page.


We really appreciate your support and hope that everyone has fun helping us raise money for CAFOD. Thank you all for your support.

This is one of many ways, that St John Fisher demonstrate love and kindness to others, following the teachings of Jesus Christ.