Parent Forum & Surveys

The Parents Forum is a group established some years ago with the purpose of being a useful and productive link between school and parents; updating about events and consulting on future plans.

Each class is represented by at least two ‘class reps’ – these positions are self-nominated and open to anyone who is able to spare the time to attend meetings and is willing to make themselves known to parents from the rest of their child/children's class.

The role of a ‘rep’ is to help to foster friendly, welcoming and helpful relationships between the parents and carers of children in that particular class/year group; to liaise with school regarding support and help at fundraising events – and in doing so support the work of the PTFA and to help to continue to develop effective and productive communication with the school.

Meetings are held online once per term. We actively recruit parent reps at the beginning of each academic year.

"The school does everything well, we have had outstanding support for 14 years." Year 6 Parent

Parent Survey

We value feedback from the parents at St John Fisher., as a result we carry out an annual parent survey. We try to respond to feedback and reflect on how our school can do the best for the pupils and how we can continue to develop further in the future. Please click on the link below to access the feedback from the Parent Survey for 2022.