Diverse Curriculum

St John Fisher actively promote a creative, broad and exciting curriculum for our children. We have planned our curriculum based on a themed approach. Please click here to go to the Curriculum Map pages to find out more about the content of each theme.

Whilst planning our curriculum, we were keen to embed black history into our whole school curriculum. So that it is not just studied in one month of the year, but throughout the year in our History curriculum.  Our curriculum ensures that the Early Years and Key Stage 1 pupils learn about key individuals in history, both in their history lessons and in collective worships. We have planned a curriculum that ensures within the themes studied, our pupils are exposed to quality texts, (particularly targeted for equalities) and in Key Stage 2, these texts help them study key individuals of colour, or learn about what it was like for ethnic minorities, during this period in history. This is progressive through each year group, so that each year group addresses black history as part of their history curriculum.

We also incorporate equality, diversity, and a representation of ethnic minorities into our collective worship planning, which introduces key people and events in history into shared collective worships. So that as a school, we can learn from and appreciate these people and what they did, or the hardships they had to experience and how we can reflect and learn from them and events of the past.  

The themes relate to the History, Geography and occasionally Science topics for the term. Each theme has an exciting title, to hook the children in and engage them from the start.  We have also chosen to thread ECO throughout the themes across the school, as we feel this is essential for our children's education and the future of our planet. 

Many points were carefully considered when planning our curriculum, such as gender, ethnicity, social justice, faith and experiences that our children have or haven't had, in order to provide a balanced, diverse and enriched curriculum.  We believe that a creative cross-curricular approach to teaching is key to enthuse our pupils about their learning, whilst also creating more opportunities for expanding on topics and a greater depth of understanding overall. Our goal is for all pupils to achieve their potential or beyond, and to gain a life-long love of learning. 

Please see the embedded PDF file below, which details the themes of our whole school curriculum.