Zones of Regulation

The well-being of all pupils and staff is of vital importance to us. As part of supporting well-being for our pupils, we prioritise sport and physical activity. For example, our annual 'Sport and Well-being Fortnight'. We also have MSSP sports coaches that support with the teaching of PE and our participation in the many Merton Sports Partnership events and competitions. 

As a school, we use 'Zones of Regulation' to help our pupils self-regulate how they are feeling. All pupils and staff have been trained and pupils can confidently talk about the zones and how they are feeling. 

Feel free to watch the following recorded webinar on emotion regulation in the primary years.

Please view the tip sheet for parents, about the 'Zones of Regulation'. We hope you find it helpful. 

Please spend time with your child discussing the 'Zones of Regulation' and talking to them about how they are feeling. The 'Zones of Regulation' can be useful in all walks of life. If you have any questions, please approach you child's class teacher to discuss it further.