Our Chaplains

At St John Fisher, we follow our school motto ‘Together we grow in God's love, learning to be the best we can be’ and understand all our decisions must be guided by this belief. Our school values, 'Love, Learn, Achieve' promote the school’s ethos and our school chaplains are great role models to the rest of the school. The chaplains represent their peers in issues connected to RE, they support others and actively participate in prayer, collective worship and church services. 

Our ‘Chaplains’ are pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 and are led by Mrs Ellerker. We hold regular meetings where we discuss our activities and plan for future projects. We believe in having a strong pupil voice and encourage the children to think of their own ideas about how to promote our school values across the school, our parish and the local community.

Our Responsibilities

Supporting, planning and leading collective worship.
Organising and running charity competitions or events.
Engaging with the local community to be ‘courageous advocates’.
Act as role models to other pupils across the school.

Our Aims
Support and promote the spiritual life of the school.
Maintain and promote the school ethos and values of the school - Love, Learn, Achieve.
Communicate ideas with the rest of the school.

 Thoughts from our chaplains ...

"Being a chaplain has made me feel closer to God and Jesus and given me the courage to speak loudly and more clearly."
Richard Year 6

"I act as a role model to others by being kind, spreading the good news of God and helping others." 
Sofia Year 6

"Being a chaplain involves organising events that bring us all closer to God and Jesus. Helping others when they are going through a hard time, helping people to show that we all have God inside us."
Kianne Year 6

The Chaplains visited St George's Cathedral for the 'Beginning of Year' Mass.